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Windows Port Release Status
I didn't realise how much of the README file didn't apply to the Windows port. Looks like there's several hours work to get the README file to a state where it gives at least basic information about the port, and that's several days worth of the time I have to work on Snes9x for me. So, rather than not release anything today and break a promise, I'm releasing the Windows port without a README file.

Post problems and suggestions to the Snes9x web forum please. A release with a README file will follow and will hopefully include zsknight's optimised plot code and bug fixes for the Super FX emulation.

Gary, 26-7-1999 13:33:00

New Windows Port Release Soon
After weeks of struggling with Win32 API, DirectX, DirectSound and various Windows compilers, I'm finally a stage where I'm happy with the Windows port of Snes9x, so there will be a release tomorrow.

Lots has changed: the sound problems are fixed (hopefully), the stability problems fixed, SA-1 support, Windowed or full-screen, 3D/FX support, Kreed's output image processing fixed, TV mode, stretch image mode, more GUI options, ZSNES Super FX code, etc. TNT card owners can simulate the results of the 3D/FX support by enabling stretch image mode.

I could make a release now, except I haven't written README file yet, so if I did make a release now I'd be forever answering questions via e-mail.

Gary, 25-7-1999 13:32:00

Release Status
Some people say no news is good news, but not this time.

Its summer, well it is in the northern hemisphere, so the chances of getting Jerremy to do anything to the Windows port is virtually zero. I'm trapped on a train for two hours each day, so the next Windows release is mostly down to me for the moment.

There is some good news, the asm SA-1 emulation code for Mario RPG is working in the Linux and non-GUI DOS ports, but I'm having trouble with the Windows port; not in getting it working, but compiling the thing in the first place. Jerremy seems to change compiler versions faster than Micro$oft makes money, and after several days worth of development time (i.e. about 5 hours), its still not building correctly.

I'm off on vacation next week, so looks like there won't be a new release until I come back. I did wanted to add 3dfx support to the Windows port before the next release, but would people like a SA-1 and fixed sound support release first with another release a week later with 3dfx support? Air your views on the web BBS, don't e-mail me.

The Windows sound problems, if you're interested, were caused by me pushing my luck - I wondered what would happen if I used a small DirectSound secondary buffer to reduce latency between on-screen action and sound effects, it would appear that some sound card drivers can't cope and introduce very bad static on the sound output, though I didn't experience the problem on any of the 4 machines (one '95, one NT and two '98) I tested the code on.

Gary, 8-7-1999 11:15:00

E-Mail server
Just wanted to let everybody know that the email accounts on are not working, any and all accounts on are currently not available... If you need to email me then you can contact me through [email protected]... I'm doing my best to get it solved but for some reason I can't access the site and the email server which was previously installed crashed on us a few days back...

Jerremy, 6-7-1999 0:13:00

Work in Progress
With the availability of an English image of Mario RPG, I put on hold Windows port and 3dfx development and started work on SA-1 emulation, needed by the game. Two weeks later and the first part of the intro was up and running in C code, but a week later, still only the first part of the intro was running. Feeling fed up at the lack of progress, a switched to investigating and fixing other emulation problems, and fixed several more graphics clip window bugs and implemented horizontal offset per pixel mode.

Back on Mario RPG, I started to convert some of the C code to i386 asm, hoping to find the problem that was causing the intro to hang, it worked! I fixed the bug and Mario RPG seems to be working, a little slowly in places, but the mine cart section that ZSNES screws up works fine. zsKnight thought that was caused by a SA-1 DMA emulation problem; it can't be because I haven't implemented that yet! In fact I've hardly implemented any of the additional SA-1 hardware features, leading me to think the SA-1 is used more of a game protection device rather than a game enhancer.

Still got to look into the slow down problems, convert the SA-1 emulation to asm and play test the game some more before I can release anything (anyone got any S-RAM files they can send from later in the game?)

Now I've got my desktop machine working again after I upgraded it (it only took 3 weeks, 6 complete Windows 98 reinstalls, a hard disk re-format, motherboard and video card bios upgrades and a new driver down-load for my scanner) and I can work on 3dfx and DirectX support again and look into the remaining Windows port sound problems (I might need some beta-testers for that).

Gary, 22-6-1999 4:56:00

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