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Bandwidth problems...
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Jerremy, 8-6-2001 22:22:00


Message Board working again
Well, I'm feeling a bit better now... And I've found the three offending messages and deleted them from the message database... You might be wondering what I'm talking about, well it seemed three messages were(for some reason) causing a problem... Now I'm not sure that it won't happen again... If it does, I'll have to figure out why and how, but for now... We can all use the message board again...

Jerremy, 24-1-2001 16:02:00


Message Board not working
As some of you might have noticed, the message board isn't working anymore. I have no clue yet why it's not working, but I'm a bit ill and haven't got the spirit to look at it... As soon as I feel better, I'll see if I can remedy the problem...

Jerremy, 22-1-2001 04:20:00


Fixed the Message Board (oeps)
It seems I broke the Message Board yesterday while adding new features... Oeps... It seems to work again... Mail me if it doesn't =)

Jerremy, 19-8-2000 16:09:00


Message Board improvements...
I just added "Change password" and "Lost my password" features to the Message Board, both say enough about what they do...

Jerremy, 18-8-2000 09:34:00

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