Adding Revue Support for the Android Version?

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Adding Revue Support for the Android Version?

Post by mrandroid »

Hello! I was wondering if there would be any chance of adding Logitech Revue support to the Android version of SNES9X EX?

I have two Revues, and it would be awesome to play the SNES9X EX on it. I'm running the HC3.1 beta version of the OS, and have tried side-loading the app, but it crashes on launch. I'm guessing this is because the revue uses an intel architecture as opposed to the ARM that other android devices use. (of course, that is just a guess).
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Post by Rakashazi »

Unfortunately the first version of Android for Google TV with Market access won't support apps built with the NDK (even if compiled as x86). Hopefully future updates will add in the necessary support.
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