How to Map Diagonal Buttons on Keyboard?

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How to Map Diagonal Buttons on Keyboard?

Post by Gamr965 »

So as simple as this may seem, Keyboard is the most convenient way for me to use the controls, since the only wired USB Gamepad I had broke and my bluetooth controllers like Switch Pro Controller don't communicate well with my PC and lags often and causes me to mess up in games. I try to map up left, up right, down right, and down left on my keyboard keys, and even though I press them at the same time, it only registers one of the keys. the diagonals unasigned don't work if I press up and left key for example cause Mario in Mario World doesn't move up and left while on a cage. does anybody know how I can use diagonal d-pad buttons in snes9x with a keyboard?
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Re: How to Map Diagonal Buttons on Keyboard?

Post by odditude »

i'm not sure i'm following you. are you saying that if you had the following config:
  • Up: W
  • Left: A
  • Down: X
  • Right: D
  • Up Left: Q
  • Up Right: E
  • Dn Right: C
  • Dn Left: Z
... that Q doesn't do anything?
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