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1.41 released
1.41 is out. you can get it from the following, packages for most platforms should be up in a few days:

This build should fix any sprite(read graphical) oddites that we're not present in 1.39, and a few other bits:

- Win32 controllers now stay the same between games (MKendora)
- Win 32 Open ROM dialog fixes (MKendora)
- Win32 Display dialog fixes (funkyass)
- Win32 OpenGL ratio tweaking. (Reduces the gray line) (kode54)
- Fixed Win32 superscope for those having issues (MKendora)
- Generic accuracy fix in main Superscope emulation (MKendora)
- sprite bug fixed (gah! How'd we miss that) (anomie)
- SPC saving compatibility fix (Caz and zones)
- Window clipping update (anomie)
- Mode 7 clipping fix (TRAC)
- latching fix (anomie)
- BS BIOS checksum and mapping fix (MKendora)
- Working Uniracers hack (dma.cpp) (anomie)
- HDMA Indirect Address fix for Romancing Saga 2 (anomie)
- Better savestate hack, does it break anything? (anomie)
- C4 C core fixes. Mostly Trapezoid (thanks Nach),
some s/short/int16/, some indentation. (anomie)
- Damn, but the indentation in ppu.cpp was screwed up.
Killed some dead code too (twas commented forevermore). (anomie)
- fixed a potential crash in S-DD1 logging (MKendora)
- Improved accuracy of Hi/LoROM detection (~500 ROM test) (MKendora)
- Hack for Moryou Senki Madara 2, don't call
SelectTileRenderer from DrawOBJS if BGMode is 5 or 6. A
real fix requires at least rewriting SelectTileRenderer,
or inlining a special version in DrawOBJS. (anomie)
- DMA traces: add additional address info to reads too. (anomie)
- Killed the old Borland Joypad dialog (funkyass)
- Fixed issues with Dezaemon and CT, maybe others (anomie, MKendora)
- Changed the internal snapshot key from \ to VK_F12 (funkyass)
Fixes issues with non-US keyboard layouts.
- Fixed OAM reset to not occur during forced blank. (anomie)
- Killed some dead OAM reset code that doesn't need saving. (anomie)
- Unix/X11: Fixed screen jumping. CT enables overscan mid-
frame for only one frame, and we now update the rendered
screen height accordingly. Other ports are still broken. (anomie)
- Unix/X11: Fixed possible TV mode crash. (anomie)
- Fixed OAM reset timing (beginning of V-Blank rather than
end) for R-TYPE 3 (J). (anomie)
- Unix/X11: Fixed OpenGL target (PBortas)
- Unix/OSS: Fixed big endian sound (PBortas/ernstp)
- Tweaked the About Dialog so its read-only and no scroll (funkyass)

Before posting any bugs(as they probably will be), you should read this. Its vitally import for you to understand that in order for us to even attempt to fix bugs, we need to be able to reproduce those bugs consistently on our end, and with more than one game preferably.

Did you know that signatures come at the end of posts? I bet you did!

Funkyass, 12-8-2003 01:18:00


At long last, Snes9x 1.40
On behalf of numerous programmers in our own development forum, we are releasing an update to Snes9x 1.39. We have put a significant amount of effort into fixing bugs and making the entire emulator more accurate. At the same time, wider support for special hardware games has been worked on, and in cases completed. Windows users can also look forward to several creature comforts.

Our hope is that we have far surpassed 1.39, and created the most compatible SNES emulator available. Whether we achieved those ends will be an issue that will ultimately be decided by the users and the bug reports they produce. Much has changed since 1.39, so be absolutely sure that you read the manual completely. I can say the forum members are very likely to get annoyed if you start asking why the multitap does not work like it did in 1.39 (The answer is because changing the behavior fixed a dozen games, so all special controllers need to be specifically enabled for Win32 builds)

Enough of the drab introduction, what you really are reading for is the fun stuff, like what's fixed and new.

DSP-2 support, homegrown in the forum by ZSNES and Snes9x contributors.
Full C4 support, courtesy Nach (asm) and anomie (C version and the initial research)
OBC1 support, thanks to ZSNES for the original development and sanmaiwashi for the C port.
Justifier support- neviksti and I handled this. Enjoy playing Lethal Enforcers.
better memory mapping- More games play, including Dai Kaiju Monogatari 2, without the patch.
DSP-1 improvements- The same people who helped bring you DSP-2 support have vastly improved the emulation accuracy here
Fewer hacks- More games play using the same emulation thanks to new changes.
OpenGL and Glide hi-res fixes- If you saw odd rendering before, it is fixed now.
Rendering improvements- A lot fewer glitches, but there's more to come after we run many tests.
H-DMA fixes- Gun Force and Genocide 2 are happy
CPU fixes- quite a few instructions were modified for better accuracy.
New Graphics pack config (Win32)- no need to try to get the packs in just the right place
Color coded ROM loading- When you load a ROM, Snes9x changes the message color to indicate whether the ROM is a known hack or possibly bad, interleaved or normal.
A rewritten Win32 GUI- funkyass and I have rewritten most of the dialog boxes (the DLL is still required, but the next full release should see it gone)

There are more goodies and more specifics in changes.txt, if you need your technobabble fix, or have a specific point of interest. Trust me, you don't want me to post the full list here.

and yes, we can play Star Fox 2. I know you've all been dying for that.

Since the downloads section is currently down, we've secured hosting elsewhere for the release. I assume DOn will update the Snes9x beta page with the new release, and for this version, at least, yo may download Snes9x Windows and linux binaries and source at

Mac users will either need to wait for the official port from John Stiles, or check out the OSX-only Snes9x Custom, by zones, one of our friends in the dev forum. His site may be reached at It is at geocities, so please be considerate of his bandwidth limits.

I am sure new bugs have crept in, or old bugs did not get fixed. Report these to the tech support forum, by their guidelines, and they will bring them to the development forum when they are confirmed on a verified ROM.

Thank you, and I hope you have a good experience with Snes9x 1.40.

Mkendora, 25-7-2003 19:04:00


Oh well.

Again, with feeling.

You can find places download supported versions of snes9x from here

This thing needs a preview.

Funkyass, 8-7-2003 08:01:00


Where to get Snes9x
Try here

Funkyass, 8-7-2003 07:58:00


Well, most of you probably have noticed a lot of companies are having a rough time on the Internet. Our hosting provider isn't any different, and as a result have asked us to lower our bandwidth usage (a lot).

To do this, I've taken the file section offline. This means you can not download Snes9x anymore from this site. :(

So, we are looking for either an advertiser, a file mirror or a complete new hosting provider. A new hosting provider would need to be able to run ASP pages and should have access to a MS-SQL database (or want to rewrite the site to MySQL/php/whatever ;). The site currently averages 4Gb per day in traffic.

We do like to thank our hosting provider which has hosted us for the past 2 1/2 years even though we had almost no advertisement income.

You can contact me at (replace # with @).

Jerremy, 28-1-2003 09:28:00

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