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Server Crash
This week we had a major server crash... After replacing some faulty hardware, the server wouldnt boot up due to a corrupt system registry... So we had to reinstall the server...

But, we're trying to get everything back... Most of the data survived and it looks like the database is intact too, so it looks like we got lucky ;)

Jerremy, 13-12-2002 10:17:00


Snes9x 1.39a is out! Get it while it's still simmering. :)
Version 1.39a is finally released offciailly and encompasses a lot of changes, updates, and fixes. Downloads are avaliable for Windows 95/NT binary and Win32/DOS/Linux/Mac source package. Here's a list of the latest changes:
1.39a Official

- Added Kode54's BRR decoder fix and SPC dumping protocols. (Kode54)
(I may edit the GUI Dialog to have the Sample Decoding Cashe selection
Grayed out since it is broken and non-working till it gets fixed or
changed to something else.)
- Added FMOD 3.50 support to fix FMOD audio modes from last Official release.
- Cleaned up Borland GUI Graphical mode selection menu. OpenGL Bumpmapping
is finally gone since was defunct and virtually removed.
- Rearranged VC GUI to reduce redundant settings and simply menu items
to avoid having people who are new confused by multiple settings. All settings
still are fully operational and work.
- Debugging menu removed since it really wasn't helpful nor useful to the average user.
- Changed the old Mouse from a .(dot pointer) to an X(Linux X-Mouse) style pointer to make
it easier to see.

Many thanks to all who worked on the betas and contributed much of their time and efforts.
Much still has to be done so thank those responsible for the updates and hard work.

- Fixed the RTC detection. FINALLY done correctly (lantus, MKendora)
- neatened up the company table. (MKendora)
- fixed a mistake in the ROM Info box (MKendora)
- Added a Calulcated Size field to ROM INfo. (MKendora)
- Added 3 more companies to the ROM Info table (MKendora)
- Fixed BS detection (The Dumper)
- Added a Legend-specific hack to get sound. I remembered
it being mentioned in the changelog. (Gary Henderson)
- Unbroke the Star Ocean special cases (Trigger of Time, MKendora)
- Company 255 is not Hudson-ZFE detects all Hudson games
without it, except a corrupt dump (StatMat, MKendora)
- fixed a bug in the redone detection for the SPC7110 (CaitSith2)
- 44Khz sound should be 44.1Kz. Changed, though you'll
need to re-set 44.1Khz to make it take effect. Not sure
if this affects non-Windows ports. (MKendora)
- Added 32Khz playback (MKendora)
- Inproved BS ROM mapping (_Demo_, The Dumper, MKendora)
- Honkaku Syogi Fuunji Ryuou (J) fixed (force no multitap) (Frank Yang)
Also Fixed Super Castles (j).
Also fixed a bunch more. This dude e-mailed like 100 bugs
to my hosts, some already fixed in Snes9x1.39mk2, but
about 7 were clearly multi-tap5.
- also fixed Dekitate High School. Error was in Japanese (Frank Yang, Tomato)
- fixed 2 memory leaks (Aaron)
- Dai Kaiju Monogotari 2 works as a 40 Mbit ROM. (MKendora, The Dumper)
- Fixed the Flashback bug. Lots of info led to this. (neviksti, MKendora)
Thanks neviksti, The Dumper, TRAC, and FatlXception
for clarifying the behavior.
- Fixed Sailor Moon Fuwa Fuwa Panic 2 to work with (neviksti, MKendora)
previous fix. It's a total hack, but it should sound
just like the old Snes9x did. neviksti strikes again!
- Dirty hack to make 3 games deinterleave properly: (MKendora)
Wizardry 4, Mark Davis, and Honkakuha Igo Gosei(FX)
all work as well as the deinterleaved counterparts.
(The last is a hacked game, and you should get the
non-FX version)
- Fixed Seima Jyuden Beasts and Blades. Another Multitap, (Frank Yang)
but for some reason, the hack requires the C cpu core.
Thanks to Tomato for taking a stab at<

James, 11-11-2002 4:56:00


Taking over Win32 port... for now at least.
I'm going to be officially taking over the Windows port work for now, and since we have two versions of Snes9x for Windows BOTH will be put up on the website as version 1.39a and labeled as such (1.39a-JP and 1.39a-MK3b as they are the latest binaries). I should have the new binaries up on the site soon.

For now all distributions posted will be in ZIP format ONLY. I recommend either WinZIP, WinRAR, or WinXp's Extractor for reliable Extraction programs.

If by any reason you need to contact me I can be quickly at moc.tenigorfpael@regitetihw (real address is backwards) as the PeoplePC address is not checked very often. Thanks and please be patient with me. I am doing this in my freetime as I have a life OUTSIDE Snes9x and the NET to worry about.


James, 6-11-2002 13:41:00


Virus Alert
People, please check your system for viruses! Last night(in my 8 hours sleep) I got a grand total of 18 viruses send to my accounts... Most were the W32.Badtrans.B@mm virus... Yesterday (before going to sleep), I got over 40 viruses send to my accounts...

It's impossible for me to filter out messages which only have "Re:" in the subject since the email server filter works on 'Contains' and since replies also 'contain' "Re:", it would delete all replies...

Jerremy, 28-11-2001 8:52:00


Great News for the Snes9x Windows Port
Steve Johnson has taken over the Snes9x Windows port! At last the Windows port will get the full attention it needs from a talented programmer. Steve is a full-time senior programmer at Humongous Entertainment in Seattle, so expect some excellent work from him. Steve is busy rewriting the GUI to use native Visual C++ support rather than the inconvenient Borland C++ generated GUI in a separate DLL. He has set up an e-mail address where he can be contacted -, so get typing with those feature requests, enhancements and bug reports for the Windows port...

Gary, 20-11-2001 15:24:00

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