Board Rules.

Contained herein are the rules of the Snes9x forums. Failure to obey these rules may result in being banned
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Board Rules.

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1. No ROM requests or linking to ROM sites. Attempts to circumvent this will lead to banning.

2. Warez and other re-postings of copyrighted work are forbidden. Don't come here asking for keygens, cracks, ISOs, e-book files, books converted to PDF, or other such things.

3. DO NOT ask when the next version of Snes9x is out. It's out when it's out, and no sooner. Begging the devs/porters will likely delay any forthcoming releases.
Exception: Asking about the current development of Snes9X is fine, but PLEASE be reasonable about it and USE THE SEARCH BUTTON. If it's been awhile since someone's asked, ask away. However, if someone recently asked about it, then watch over that particular thread for replies.

4. Do not needlessly harass, flame, troll, etc. other users. For example, if someone is asking for ROMs, kindly link them to the rules.
Harassment of other users can mean your removal from the forums.

5. Do not needlessly curse in your posts/thread titles. A few words per post may be tolerated, but if the post looks like one of today's rap songs or like sailor talk, then there's a problem.

6. Please read the readme and the FAQs that come with Snes9X as well as all stickies/announcements on the forums and the On-site FAQ before asking a question.

7. Post in a readable format, this includes:
* not posting in colors that can't be read on any of the skins
* using English in your posts
* don't type IN ALL CAPS or aLtErNaTiNg CaSe or as if ur txting sum 1; these can be considered annoying by some sane members of the forums.
Remember, this is a web forum, not a chat room. You have an edit button, use it.

8. No improper usernames, this includes:
* anything which is intentionally copying an existing user for the purpose of tricking others
* using your e-mail as your board handle
* anything which breaks any of the board rules in general
If you feel the username is iffy, then don't use it. In addition, if you use it anyway, we will change your username for you, and chances are you won't like it.

9. Don't re-post anything that was edited/moved/deleted by a mod/admin (or change it back to the way it was in the case of an edit). It was done for a reason. Exceptions are if a mod/admin gives you permission to re-post it.

10. No hateful, offensive, or gross-out pictures/slangs/slurs/etc. This forum is welcome to all ages/races, and we intend on keeping it that way.

11. NO SPAM, this includes:
* posts/threads that have no constructive purpose whatsoever in general
* posting for the sake of posting to increase your post count
* quoting a quote of a quote of a quote so it forms a long train of nested quotes
* posting links and/or general keyword abuse to redirect traffic off the site, to get users to buy things from you, abuse Google and other search engines, etc. It's okay to have a link, quotation, etc in your www spot in your profile or in your sigs; please use common sense.

12. No attacks of any kind, this includes:
* Viruses, spyware, trojan horses/worms, and malware in general
* hacking
* flooding
* (D)DoS
* etc.
Commit any of these, and the proper authorities may be notified, and we may give them useful information to help assist in investigation, such as your IP (Internet Protocol) address. DON'T TRY IT.

13. Posts that are not in the proper section of the forums may be moved with or without notice. Snes Gaming Q/A is for posting questions regarding to SNES gaming, the public dev forum is for submitting code or feature requests, etc. If you're unsure where to put a thread, try general discussion. If it can fit in better somewhere else, we can move the thread for you.

14. PLEASE don't reply to a spammer's post/thread. All you're doing is replying to something that most likely won't come back again, and you're also abusing Google and other search engines in the process. If you see a spammer, it's best to report it to an admin or a moderator, and we'll take the appropriate action.

15. Most important of all, have fun and keep the golden rule in mind; do unto others as you would do unto them. If you don't want someone doing it to you, then don't you do it to them.
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