Request - Help for sharing code of the "Emulate fullscreen"

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Request - Help for sharing code of the "Emulate fullscreen"

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Hello everybody,

First of all, thank you so much for this awesome emulator to all the devs who make this possible.

My name is LuismaSP89 "Sorry for use this generic user, but I tried to create a new one for this forums and seems I cannot do this due to the invisible captcha problem"

I want to ask to the devs if it's possible to share the code for the "Emulate fullscreen" used in the snes9x.

The thing is that it would be perfect to have this code in other emulators, or at least to help the devs to implement this.

My main goal with this is to let Gonetz "Gliden64 main developer" to use this code for the Gliden64 plugin, used for the Project64 and Mupen64 emulators. Since they have problems with the HDR10 when the games are in fullscreen mode.

Since the snes9x also have this kind of problems with HDR10 when the fullscreen mode is enabled, but can be solved by using the "Emulate fullscreen" wich creates a borderless fullscreen, Gonetz tried to to this on his plugin but without results, that's the reason I'm asking if it would be possible to share this code, since this emulator and the Gliden64 plugin are under OpenGL.

More info here:

Thank you so much, and sorry if I'm a bit "dare" to ask about this.
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