Problem with "Tetris & Dr. Mario" (USA,2-in-one) on android

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Problem with "Tetris & Dr. Mario" (USA,2-in-one) on android

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I use this Snes9x emulator (for android)
MultiSnes16 (HQgame) ... etworksnes
I like it better than this one (also for android)
Snes9x EX+ (Robert Broglia)(based on Snes9x 1.55) ... Snes9xPlus
because MultiSnes16 has slow motion (can be made even slower depending on which graphical filter you use), & more graphical filters. Most android Snes emulators (not only Snes9x ports) don't have any slow motion, which is important for me because some Snes games are too hard at full speed.

Anyway, most games play without any problems on both of them. However, "Tetris & Dr. Mario" (USA,2-in-one) has major problems on MultiSnes16. The game will load, but there is no message (from the emulator) saying that it loaded it, & the audio plays, but ALL of the screens are just BLANK COLOR. I tried changing all of the (emulator's) settings, & getting the game from several different sites, but nothing helps. The emulator by Robert Broglia plays that game fine, so I don't think that the game is the cause.

In their play store descriptions, both emulators' developers say that they are ports of the Snes9x source code (with any changes as needed, especially for the online multi-player stuff). However, I think that MultiSnes16 is based on a newer version of Snes9x than Robert Broglia's version. Has anybody had any problems playing that game on any Snes9x for any other systems?

In MultiSnes16 play store, I left a bug report (& labeled it as such) in my review, but I don't know if they only port the Snes9x source code to android, or if they also modify it in some way as well, so I decided to post this information/bug report here in case the problem is more wide spread than only an android port.
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