Intermittent and randomly stutteting while streaming

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Intermittent and randomly stutteting while streaming

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Hi, this is my first post here so sorry in advance if I'm doing something wrong. I have been using snes9x since August last year and never had any issues with it. Starting about 2 months ago, I've been having some weird stuttering that is happening randomly and intermittently when I stream.

From my testing I know Direct3D or OpenGL both cause it. DirectDraw does not, but I'd really prefer to use Direct3D due to the enhanced interpolated graphic output. I have tested running as administrator, increasing the snes9x process priority, but still getting that stuttering. Sometimes it takes like 10 minutes, or more to start, so it is quite hard for me to test. When it happens it goes for like several seconds then goes back to normal then may reoccur any time.

If it is allowed here I recorded this quick snippet to show what exactly it looks like. ... tWfACB9DEN

I'd really appreciate any help for me to solve this issue.

Thank you very much.
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