Keyboard key labels are wrong

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Keyboard key labels are wrong

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Snes9x 1.60

When going to the Hotkey Configuration as well as Input Configuration. The key labels are according to the US English keyboard, and not according to the active keyboard for the user.

For example, pressing the key to the left of L on a German layout, which is labelled as the Ö key, the software will output the symbol for the ´ key. The software has the ability to read the symbols from the keyboard to display them correctly, where in this case it should say ö and not ´.

Furthermore the names "apostrophe", "semi-colon", "period" could still be fine to use, if the symbol of key keyboard corresponds to it. So for example, the German layout has a # key, which currently is called / in the software, but it could be called "number-sign". But due to the inconsistency between symbols with name and actually writing out the symbol, I think it's better to just go with the symbols. Alternatively write it as "semi-colon (;)" to reduce confusion. Especially since not everyone calls . a period, and some calls it a full-stop instead.

Here's the Hotkey Confiuration, with the German key labels to the left in red for some of the fields:

Minus, comma and period are the ones that are correct. But it's inconsistent if it's a name or the symbol. Furthermore, applying uppercase to Ö would make it match the other letter keys, but this can only be done if the shifted state is the same letter. So for the French ù key, it does have % at its shifted state, and should therefore be lowercase. But by default in Windows, the Ö key does not appear in uppercase.
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