Snes 1.43 game windows is tiny

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Snes 1.43 game windows is tiny

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I have a Hyperspin setup and just added SNES to it. Unfortunately, I don't have an AHK file that works with v1.62.3 and am forced to use 1.43 since the AHK files is for that version. For some reason on 1.43, the game itself plays in a very tiny window and I can't figure out why. This doesn't happen on v1.62. I added the applicable parts of my conf file below in case that is where the problem lies. Thanks.

# Config file output by snes9x
# Wed May 24 18:33:25 2023

NiceAlignment = ON # on to line up the =, :, and # in each section of this config file
Comments = ON # on to keep comments such as this in this config file. To update/refresh all comments, set this to false and run Snes9x, then set it to true and run Snes9x again.
Sort = 1 # ordering within sections: 0=allow reordering, 1=force default order, 2=sort alphabetically
Lock = FALSE # if true, prevents Snes9x from editing this configuration file (or making it read-only while it is running)

CPUOverclockMode = 0 # CPU Overclock: 0=none, 1=min, 2=medium, 3=max
MaxSpriteTilesPerLine = 34 # Max sprite tiles rendered per line. Default = 34, Unlimited ~= 128
SuperFXClockMultiplier = 100 # SuperFX speed, in percent (default 100)
SeparateEchoBuffer = FALSE # Separate echo buffer from APU ram. For old hacks only.

Cheat = TRUE # true to allow enabled cheats to be applied
Patch = TRUE # true to allow IPS/UPS patches to be applied ("soft patching")
IgnorePatchChecksum = FALSE # true to allow BPS patches to be applied even if the checksum fails
BS = FALSE # Broadcast Satellaview emulation

Sync = 1 # 1 to sync emulation to sound output, 0 to disable.
Rate = 48000 # sound playback quality, in Hz
InputRate = 31950 # for each 'Input rate' samples generated by the SNES, 'Playback rate' samples will produced. If you experience crackling you can try to lower this setting.
Mute = FALSE # true to mute sound output (does not disable the sound CPU)
DynamicRateControl = FALSE
AutomaticInputRate = FALSE
InterpolationMethod = 2 # 0 = None, 1 = Linear, 2 = Gaussian (accurate), 3 = Cubic, 4 = Sinc
Stereo = ON

SoundDriver = 4 # 4=XAudio2 (recommended), 8=WaveOut
BufferSize = 64 # sound buffer size in ms - determines the internal and output sound buffer sizes. actual mixing is done every SoundBufferSize/4 samples
MuteFrameAdvance = FALSE # true to prevent Snes9x from outputting sound when the Frame Advance command is in use
VolumeRegular = 100 # volume during regular play (percentage between 0 and 100)
VolumeTurbo = 100 # volume during turbo mode (percentage between 0 and 100)
OutputDevice = Default # Name of the output audio device (substring matching, XAudio2 only atm), set to 'Default' for default audio device

Port = 6096
Server =
SyncByReset = ON
SendROMImageOnConnect = OFF
MaxFrameSkip = 10
MaxBehindFrameCount = 10
UseJoypad1 = TRUE # if false, player 2 has to use their joypad #2 controls, etc.
RecentHost1 = localhost
RecentHost2 =
RecentHost3 =
RecentHost4 =
RecentHost5 =
RecentHost6 =
RecentHost7 =
RecentHost8 =
RecentHost9 =
RecentHost10 =
RecentHost11 =
RecentHost12 =
RecentHost13 =
RecentHost14 =
RecentHost15 =
RecentHost16 =

Transparency = ON
MessagesInImage = FALSE # true to draw text inside the SNES image (will get into AVIs, screenshots, and filters)
FrameRate = OFF # on to display the framerate (will be inaccurate if AutoMaxSkipFrames is too small)
DisplayInput = FALSE # true to show which buttons are pressed
DisplayFrameCount = TRUE # true to show the frame count when a movie is playing

OutputMethod = 1 # 0=DirectDraw, 1=Direct3D, 2=OpenGL
FilterType = 0 # output filter: 0=None, 1=Forced 1X, 2=Simple 2X, 3=Scanlines, 4=TV Mode, 5=Blargg's NTSC (RF), 6=Blargg's NTSC (Composite), 7=Blargg's NTSC (S-Video), 8=Blargg's NTSC (RGB), 9=SuperEagle, 10=Super2xSaI, 11=2xSaI, 12=hq2x, 13=hq2xS, 14=hq2xBold, 15=EPX A, 16=EPX B, 17=EPX C, 18=Simple 3X, 19=TV Mode 3X, 20=Dot Matrix 3X, 21=hq3x, 22=hq3xS, 23=hq3xBold, 24=lq3xBold, 25=EPX3, 26=Simple 4X, 27=hq4x, 28=2xBRZ, 29=3xBRZ, 30=4xBRZ, 31=5xBRZ, 32=6xBRZ
FilterHiRes = 0 # hi-res output filter: 0=None, 1=Forced 1X, 2=Simple 2X, 3=Scanlines, 4=TV Mode, 5=Blargg's NTSC (RF), 6=Blargg's NTSC (Composite), 7=Blargg's NTSC (S-Video), 8=Blargg's NTSC (RGB), 18=Simple 3X, 26=Simple 4X, 27=hq4x, 28=2xBRZ, 29=3xBRZ, 30=4xBRZ, 31=5xBRZ, 32=6xBRZ
BlendHiRes = TRUE # true to horizontally blend Hi-Res images (better transparency effect on filters that do not account for this)
NTSCScanlines = TRUE # true to use scanlines with Blargg's NTSC filters
ShaderEnabled = FALSE # true to use pixel shader (if supported by output method)
Direct3D:D3DShader = # shader filename for Direct3D mode (HLSL effect file or CG shader
OpenGL:OGLShader = # shader filename for OpenGL mode (bsnes-style XML shader or CG shader)
OpenGL:DisablePBOs = TRUE # do not use PBOs in OpenGL mode, even if the video card supports them
ExtendHeight = FALSE # true to display an extra 15 pixels at the bottom, which few games use. Also increases AVI output size from 256x224 to 256x240.
AlwaysCenterImage = FALSE # true to center the image even if larger than window
Window:Width = 1038 # 256=1x, 512=2x, 768=3x, 1024=4x, etc. (usually)
Window:Height = 910 # 224=1x, 448=2x, 672=3x, 896=4x, etc. (usually)
Window:Left = 1432 # in pixels from left edge of screen
Window:Top = 481 # in pixels from top edge of screen
Window:Maximized = TRUE
CustomRomDialog:Width = 660
CustomRomDialog:Height = 400
CustomRomDialog:Left = 50 # in pixels from left edge of screen
CustomRomDialog:Top = 50 # in pixels from top edge of screen
CustomRomDialog:Maximized = FALSE
CustomRomDialog:FolderPaneWidth = 230
CustomRomDialog:DescColumnWidth = 112
CustomRomDialog:FilenameColumnWidth = 196
CustomRomDialog:SizeColumnWidth = 67
Stretch:Enabled =true
Stretch:MaintainAspectRatio =true
Stretch:IntegerScaling = FALSE # scales image height to exact integer multiples
Stretch:AspectRatioBaseWidth = 256 # base width for aspect ratio calculation (AR=AspectRatioBaseWidth/224), default is 256 - set to 299 for 4:3 aspect ratio
Stretch:BilinearFilter = TRUE # allows bilinear filtering of stretching. Depending on your video card and the window size, this may result in a lower framerate.
Stretch:LocalVidMem = TRUE # determines the location of video memory in DirectDraw mode. May increase or decrease rendering performance, depending on your setup and which filter and stretching options are active.
Fullscreen:Enabled =0
Fullscreen:Width = 1024
Fullscreen:Height = 768
Fullscreen:Depth = 16
Fullscreen:RefreshRate = 60
Fullscreen:DoubleBuffered = FALSE
Fullscreen:FullscreenOnOpen = FALSE # Change to fullscreen when opening a ROM.
Fullscreen:EmulateFullscreen =true
HideMenu = FALSE # true to auto-hide the menu bar on startup.
Vsync = FALSE # true to enable Vsync
ReduceInputLag = FALSE # true to reduce input lag by hard synchronization
DWMSync = FALSE # sync to DWM compositor if it is running
FilterMessageFont = TRUE # true to filter message font with EPX on 2x/3x scales if MessagesInImage is false)

FrameSkip = 200 # 200=automatic (limits at 50/60 fps), 0=none, 1=skip every other, ...
AutoMaxSkipFramesAtOnce = 0 # most frames to skip at once to maintain speed in automatic mode, don't set to more than 1 or 2 frames because the skipping algorithm isn't very smart
TurboFrameSkip = 15 # how many frames to skip when in fast-forward mode
AutoSaveDelay = 30
BlockInvalidVRAMAccess = TRUE
SnapshotScreenshots = ON # on to save the screenshot in each snapshot, for loading-when-paused display
MovieTruncateAtEnd = TRUE # true to truncate any leftover data in the movie file after the current frame when recording stops
MovieNotifyIgnored = FALSE # true to display "(ignored)" in the frame counter when recording when the last frame of input was not used by the SNES (such as lag or loading frames)
DisplayWatchedAddresses = TRUE
WrongMovieStateProtection = ON # off to allow states to be loaded for recording from a different movie than they were made in
MessageDisplayTime = 120 # display length of messages, in frames. set to 0 to disable all message text

RewindBufferSize = 0 # rewind buffer size in MB - 0 disables rewind support
RewindGranularity = 1 # rewind granularity - rewind takes a snapshot each x frames
PauseWhenInactive = TRUE # true to pause Snes9x when it is not the active window
CustomRomOpenDialog = FALSE # false to use standard Windows open dialog for the ROM open dialog
AddToRegistry = TRUE # true to ask to add entries to registry for file type associations
AVIHiRes = FALSE # true to record AVI in Hi-Res scale
ConfirmSaveLoad = FALSE # true to ask for confirmation when saving/loading
FrameAdvanceSkipsNonInput = FALSE # causes frame advance to fast-forward past frames where the game is definitely not checking input, such as during lag or loading time. EXPERIMENTAL
MovieDefaultClearSRAM = FALSE
MovieDefaultStartFromReset = FALSE
MovieDefaultReadOnly = TRUE
CurrentSaveSlot = 0
MaxRecentGames = 14 # max recent games to show in the recent games menu (must be <= 32)
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