starting up

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starting up

Post by bettersnesneeded »

sound error on start
a site changing 'xaudio2' to 'waveout' may fix it, it worked
other ideas didnt work

does anyone know why this happened?
error say maybe didnt have directx9 - but link in error msg went to a dead link

where is setting for keyboard?
its seems its default to joystick ?? or ?

cant find settings to up speed rate - where is that?

if anyone knows of a better tool, pls lemme know, ill try that thx
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Re: starting up

Post by Deathlike2 »

It sounds like you are missing the DX9 update (this is still needed on newer Windows systems that hasn't installed the DX9 update). Google "DX9 Update" for what you are looking for.

It will contain the base required XAudio resource for XP and later Windows version (later Windows versions will have a later version of XAudio, but Snes9x is looking for the one in the DX9 update explicitly).
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