Game Controller Troubleshooting -- Part Deux

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Game Controller Troubleshooting -- Part Deux

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Okay. So you've went through the first troubleshooting FAQ for the game controller, everything is all good, controller is fully configured, yet there's still no input, right?

This is the end result of you configuring the gamepad to listen off Controllers #2-5. These were meant for multi-player games. Whenever possible, you should configure for controller #1 and go.

Controller #2 was meant for one or two player games ONLY. Examples would be:

* Super Mario World
* Super Mario Kart
* Final Fantasy 3
* most sports games
* Tetris
* Dr. Mario
* among MANY others.

Controllers #3-5 were meant for those games which supported the multi-tap (the game would have to support the multi-tap in its own code; not all games used it). Examples of multi-tap games would include:

* Super Bomberman (any of them)
* Clue
* Monopoly
* most sports games made from '94-'98 (specifically anything made by EA sports)
* Secret of Mana (only works with three controllers)
* Micro Machines 1 and 2
* Top Gear 3000 (only works with four controllers)

If you are still having problems, try pressing the 7 key to switch back to controller 1 and 2.

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