Feature request: integer scaling

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Shady Guy Jose
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Feature request: integer scaling

Post by Shady Guy Jose » Thu Oct 19, 2017 11:05 am

When in Full Screen mode, it could be beneficial to use nearest integer scaling with small black bars on the top and bottom, in a similar way to emulators such as Mesen (NES). This would especially benefit people using scanline filters without bilinear filtering, avoiding artifacts introduced by nearest neighbor scaling to non-multiple resolutions.

In my case, for example:
I have a 3840×2160 screen. The current scaling options give me a 2469×2160 picture, which looks decent with bilinear filtering, but whithout it, it's possible to see that pixels are uneven. If I enable the TV mode filter, which gives me pseudo-scanlines that don't compromise the brightness too much, the scanlines are clearly of different sizes. Bilinear filtering solves this, but the point is then lost. If we had a nearest integer option, the result would be a perfect 9× scaled image, running at 2304×2016, with 72-pixel tall black bars on the top and bottom. Subsequently applied filters would then not be ruined.

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