SNES9X GitHub Maintenance

This is for people involved in the developement of Snes9x, or SNES emulators in general.
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SNES9X GitHub Maintenance

Post by darkwraith007 » Mon Aug 01, 2016 1:43 pm

Are there any SNES9X devs still working on maintaining the GitHub?

Many pull requests and patches have gone unanswered for months now.

I'd like to request maintainer status on the SNES9X Github if nobody else is currently doing the task. I'll mostly be adding in a ReadMe and updating the documentation.

The forums are nice, but Github in particular has a much easier way of keeping track of patches/code and collaborating on them without having to deal with attachments/downloads.

I've gotten in touch with Orphis of Orphis BuildBot fame that does daily builds of PCSX2 and PPSSPP (as well as some other older emulators) and they're on board with providing a steady updated centralized download location for the latest Github builds if a 'maintainer' of the Github grants approval.

I'm not currently a maintainer so I can't grant that approval yet.

I ask here if any of the devs can provide me with that status so that we can resurrect this project and perhaps properly implement some downstream fixes into our upstream version so that all can benefit and we can hopefully unify the various forks into one cohesive unit. That's the goal at least.

There's no reason for SNES9X to be so fragmented and forked to death if our upstream/main version is properly maintained.

Thank you for reading.

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