Snes9X don't read my EarthBound save!

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Snes9X don't read my EarthBound save!

Post by NessBoy » Fri Nov 16, 2018 11:38 am


Well, I was playing EarthBound, at level 99 on the whole team, with almost all the best items, about to face the final boss. So I decide to further improve my experience with the game by looking for various things to make the graphics look better, but I did not like the end result. Anyway, wandering around on the emulator home page, I notice there is a new version, at 1.57 (note: I was playing at 1.56), then down it. When I pass all the files to it (save, roms, etc.), they are working normally. But I enter the alge of perfectionism, so I shoot all the important files, I delete the two emulator folders, and down again the most recent version. When I put it all, the game is no longer reading the save, and treats like I'm playing for the first time. No character created. I go back to the previous version, but nothing. I saw some things to try to solve, but nothing works. Please help me! By the way, save was created by version 1.56 x64, which is what I was playing before obviously. Also, the emulator files, along with it, are on a separate partition from the C disk.
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