New with SNES9X, i need help to find some options

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New with SNES9X, i need help to find some options

Post by kakef » Mon Mar 13, 2017 9:21 am

Hi, i'm new with using SNES9X, i read it's better than the emulator i was using (zsnes), people says it's more accurate and better compatibility with games. That's why i want to switch, and it seems zsnes is no longer updated since a long time now. I heard both emulators are based on the same core or something (too technical for me), so i tried to configure SNES9X the same way i configured zsnes, to have the same options, but there's a couple of things and options i can't find. I used google too, but after hours of searching, i found nothing. For now, these are the 4 options i am searching:

1. I know there's a Fast forward button (you press the button for acceleration, and release the button to return normal speed), but i search the same option for Slow motion. Usually, i use my controller with R2 button for acceleration and L2 for slow motion. Now i can't find this option for slow motion in the hotkeys. I think there's buttons like + and - that you can press multiple times to adjust the speed, but i prefer to press and hold a button, and to release the button, just like for the "fast forward" option.

2. Clock: Is there a way to have a clock in the bottom right corner (or any corner of the screen)? It is useful to see a clock when you play fullscreen mode (i always play full screen). 12 hours clock is better but if it's 24 hours clock it's fine too.

3. How to lock "Recent Games"? In File > Recent Games, i would like this always empty. I know i can edit the .conf file and delete manually all entry, but i would prefer to lock the recent games.

4. Is there a way to not display the rom info text? I mean the text that appear on screen when you open a rom.

Thanks for helping

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