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SNES 9X and Dolby

Posted: Thu May 20, 2021 2:11 pm
by CaptainKoloth
Hello all:

I've gotten big into audio lately. It's not perhaps commonly known but the SNES actually did surround for some games via various forms of Dolby Surround, meaning they matrixed the surround sound into a stereo signal that could be decoded by a proper receiver.

Does anyone know if SNES 9X accurately reproduces the stereo signal such that, if your PC is connected to a receiver, the surround information can be recovered? This is a pretty technical question and I'm not actually expecting to get the answer (somehow when I've asked this in the past it devolves into a discussion of whether Dolby is "true" surround, which is not what I'm asking) but i thought I'd give it a shot! Unfortunately there are to my knowledge no surround test modes with games from those generations so it's not something one can easily check even if you have all the appropriate audio equipment.