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Which imagine processing mode for 'authentic' look?

Posted: Thu Mar 22, 2018 11:44 pm
by Kelttuz
Hey guys.

Relatively new here (been lurking around for a few weeks though). I'm rather new, however, to emulating in general (of course, heard about it long ago, seen it a few times here and there on YouTube and Twitch, etc). I just got SNES9X version 1.55 too.

Now, I'm very impressed by many (if not all) of the different image processing modes (or methods) to change the video quality of the game. However, one aspect of emulating makes me scratch my head. It's in relation to what I would call an "Authentic" image (or as close as possible to it) the way that SNES games "really" used to look like on CRT televisions in the 1990s (and I suppose into the 2000s as well, basically up to the point when CRTs weren't made and sold in stores anymore in favor of newer display technology). The thing is... I myself can't quite simply remember just how exactly it looked like back then. Now, sure, I've checked around a bit about this, mostly on YouTube (and Google images helped a bit with that too), where some users of emulators show different results from different emulators, and in some cases also then compare those results with actual "original looks" with their own CRT TVs in their room, etc. And some suggesting different settings to get 'x' and 'y' results with the image.

In the end, the obvious thing I'd have to do would be to just plug in my SNES (I still got one) on a CRT television and see it for myself again for the first time in something like 15+ years. But I don't have a CRT television anymore (I haven't even physically looked at a CRT screen for at least 10 years by now). Ultimately, when I check each one of the available filters I can't quite put my finger on the one (or the combination of) filter(s) that would make me go "this is it!" (not because it's not accurate, but simply because I don't remember it myself at this point in time).

Now what is also fascinating for me is that PC monitors display a very clear, crisp image and if there's no filters obviously it's just a bunch of colored pixels. The minimum applied filter seems to be Bilinear filtering. However, I feel like Bilinear filtering (to me anyway) only blurs the otherwise clarity of the image (I suppose it is the intention) when used alone (if no other filters are chosen). But, Bilinear filtering in combination with another filter starts to show good results. But there's also the other way around, which is to disable Bilinear filtering and only use filters (which also provide another 'type' of clear image). In the end... there's so many options to choose from.

My old fart eyes tell me, so far, that the filters that SEEM to be giving the most "authentic" look are (not in order of preference):

1) Bilinear Filtering + TV Mode. However, looks like 'more pixelated' than what I remember... but could just be me.
2) Bilinear Filtering + Blargg's NTSC Composite / S-Video / RGB. The Composite one seem to make the colors 'washed out', S-Video looks a little bit better but still seem to have 'color issues'. However, the RGB method has very noticeable accuracy for the colors and overall provide a better image quality (doesn't necessarily mean it's "authentic", though).

For now, I'd with with Bilinear + TV Mode... but I'm not entirely convinced yet.

With all this said, I've also heard about 'shaders', those are not the same thing as integrated filters right? I'd have to install those and select them separately? I'm not sure if they also serve as image-quality changers (I assume they do).

So anyway, which filters (and/or shaders?) do you guys recommend or do you guys use yourselves to get the closest look to "an authentic" 1990s SNES image-on-TV?


Re: Which imagine processing mode for 'authentic' look?

Posted: Sat Feb 23, 2019 11:38 am
by var
if you use a pc monitor (crt 4:3) try 512x384 full screen


no stretch or any other options
config file '' OpenGL:DisablePBOs = TRUE''
add nomal scanlines if you like

now pixel are integer zoomed x2 without any interpolation, all the screen is used(no borders on the side) so crisp with clear colors - great looks, the only problem you can lost some graphics up and bottom (so games with black bars like Final Fight 2 looks perfect). In snes9x 1.54 to 57 (?) is possible to slighty pan up/down the screen with the option 'hextend height snes image'

Re: Which imagine processing mode for 'authentic' look?

Posted: Sat Feb 23, 2019 11:48 am
by var
AlwaysCenterImage = TRUE