Where to find .conf file on Ubuntu/Mint (Flatpak)?

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Mr. Matt Eastwood
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Where to find .conf file on Ubuntu/Mint (Flatpak)?

Post by Mr. Matt Eastwood » Fri Jan 05, 2018 2:43 pm

Hey guys! I just installed the Snes9x 1.54.1 flatpak on Linux Mint after using ZSNES for many years, and I'm blown away by how much better this emulator is!! Really excited to switch. I don't play very often, but every once in a while I have friends over and now we can play with better graphics (that 4xBRZ filter is dynamite) and more stability.

I went through all the settings yesterday and configured the emulator exactly as I want. Now I wonder how I can back up my snes9x.conf so I can put it on other PCs. I wasn't able to find it. Any suggestions?

Happy to be here!

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Re: Where to find .conf file on Ubuntu/Mint (Flatpak)?

Post by BearOso » Thu Jan 11, 2018 8:15 pm

Not familiar with flatpak’s directory structure, but the file will be called snes9x.xml.

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