Capturing transparent tiles

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Capturing transparent tiles

Post by WeaverX » Mon Apr 24, 2017 10:15 am

Hello there!

I'm planning on creating a small game (only private use) and for that reason I try to capture different Tilesets from SNES-Games using SNES9x.
I tried to capture the water tiles in FinalFantasy 6, which are transparent but when I disable the layer of the tiles under the water layer, the water tiles themselves also disappear.
There's the possibility to just capture the water plus background but just having the pure water tile makes everything way more flexible and it would also be far less work than capturing the same water tiles for each and every background seperately.

So my question, is there a possibilty to view the transparent layer on its own within the SNES9x-Emulator and if not, are there other options you could think of that could bring me to my goal? Every tip and hint would be appreciated. Thanks!

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