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Post by SgsKillerant62 » Sat Feb 11, 2017 9:20 pm

My cheats wont work!! How do I use cheat codes?? I am running Snes9x v1.54.1

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Post by odditude » Tue Feb 14, 2017 3:48 pm

SgsKillerant62 wrote:My cheats wont work!! How do I use cheat codes?? I am running Snes9x v1.54.1
readme-windows.txt wrote:

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Cheat Support

Cheat codes allow you to cheat at games. They might give you more lives,
infinite health, enable special powers normally only activated when a special
item is found, and etc. Two major formats are well-known: Game Genie and
Pro-Action Reply (PAR). Many existing Game Genie and PAR codes can be found via

Snes9x supports both Game Genie and PAR. Also you can find your own cheat code.
Cheats are saved in .cht files and are automatically loaded the next time a game
with the same filename is loaded.

Technically, a cheat code consists of two elements; an address in SNES memory
map where you want to overwrite, and a value which is overwritten on the
address. Beware of cheat codes designed for a ROM from a different region
compared to the one you are playing or for a different version of the ROM; the
source of the cheats should tell you which region and for which version of the
game they were designed for. If you use a code designed for a different region
or version of your game, the game might crash or do other weird things because
the cheat address might be different between regions and versions.

Cheat Code Entry
Use the Cheat Code Entry and Editor dialog from the Cheats menu to enter Game
Genie or PAR cheat codes. Type in a Game Genie or PAR code into the 'Enter Cheat
Code' text edit box and press Return key. Be sure to include the '-' when typing
in a Game Genie code. You can then type in an optional short description as a
reminder to yourself of what function the cheat performs. Press Return key again
or click the Add button to add the cheat to the list.

Note that the Add button remains insensitive while 'Enter Cheat Code' text edit
box is empty or contains an invalid code. The cheat code is always translated
into an address and value pair and displayed in the cheat list as such.

It is also possible to enter cheats as an address and value pair. Type in the
address into the 'Address' text edit box then type the value into the 'Value'
text edit box. The value is normally entered in decimal, but if you prefix the
value with a '$' or append an 'h' then you can enter the value in hex.

Double-clicking on an cheat line from the list in the dialog or clicking on the
'En' column toggles an individual cheat on and off. All cheats can be switched
on and off by checking and unchecking the 'Apply cheats' item from the Cheat

Selecting a cheat from the list causes its details to be filled into the text
edit boxes in the dialog box; the details can then be edited and the Change
button pressed to commit the edits. Note that the 'Enter Cheat Code' text edit
box always redisplays the cheat code as a Pro-Action Replay code regardless of
whether you originally entered it as a Game Genie or Pro-Action Replay code.

Selecting a cheat from the list then pressing the Delete button permanently
removes that cheat.

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