Adding side-by-side for Google Cardboard gameplay

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Adding side-by-side for Google Cardboard gameplay

Post by nomoreimfull » Tue Feb 02, 2016 12:50 am

This is an awesome emulator and I first want to thank the team for making it possible :) hours of game time for all the carts I could never afford as a kid made up for in this application.

Cardboard has made some cool things happen for VR out of tech we already have in our pockets. That said NO ONE has done a SNES (or nes, genesis, atari, etc) emulator. did a rendering for the idea:


I dont know what would be involved in adding this functionality. I do know it would take time, and that is money. I dont know how many people are interested, but maybe we could donate to a bounty fund?

Just wanted to start the conversation and see if anyone else is interested in such functionality.


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Re: Adding side-by-side for Google Cardboard gameplay

Post by odditude » Tue Feb 02, 2016 2:00 pm

first, this is the wrong place to ask. rakashazi handles the iOS and Android ports, and he doesn't frequent this board anymore.

second, not to be a wet blanket, but trying to do offsets on the individual graphics layers would fail miserably on many (if not most) games. for the games that DID have the graphics in a fashion that would play nicely, you'd still need to hand-tune which layers should be shifted by how much on a per-game basis.

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