Snes9x + CHEAT ENGINE 6.4

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Snes9x + CHEAT ENGINE 6.4

Post by blade0912 » Wed Aug 05, 2015 5:23 pm

Hello everyone, I am new around here, I ask for excuses if this is not the proper forum to post this topic and for my bad english, too XD

I´ve been trying to do trainers for snes roms; maybe some of you don´t know what is Cheat Engine, this program did let modify the memory values of the any program in real time, for example, if your are playing a RPG like FF, this program will let´s you increased your HP, MP or anything you want.

The problem is that in some many games, I don´t understand how SNES store some high values like 100.000 in variables of 1 byte, like the game Top Gear 3000, once you won the first race you won 100.000 credits, but is imposible to know where SNES store this value because Cheat Engine just show me data of 1 byte and 1 byte just is able to store values between -128 and 127....

I hope I made my point clear, and thanks in advance for any advice about this.

Best Regards

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