Getting funky outputs while reading snes9x docs in notepad

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Getting funky outputs while reading snes9x docs in notepad

Post by adventure_of_link » Sat Jan 14, 2012 8:01 pm

Like this (or worse or more):


This is the end result of saving it in UNIX format rather in Windows format. What you can do in the interim until the problem is solved, is open it with WordPad or some other word processor. Here's now:

Right-click the file -> click open with... -> if wordpad isn't in the recommended programs list, scroll down into the other programs list to find it and click it. Then click OK.

Be sure to also not click on the "Always use the selected program for this type of file" checkbox (or similar), or else it'll switch reading .txt files from notepad to wordpad. You can also use this tip for any other .txt file that displays weird characters in notepad.

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