Colors of ROM info (text that appears on startup of a ROM)

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Colors of ROM info (text that appears on startup of a ROM)

Post by adventure_of_link » Mon Mar 07, 2011 1:46 am

White: Game has a good checksum; should play with no problems.
Yellow: Bad checksum. Can be caused by several things: overdump, underdump, hard-patching, hacked, etc. These _might_ run without a problem. PLEASE NOTE: If you soft-patch your ROMs or use PD (Public Domain) ROMs, you may still run into the yellow text; this is normal.
Green: Mode 1 Interleaved
Orange: Mode 2 Interleaved
Aqua/Cyan: Game Doctor 24M Interleaved
Red: totally hacked and will NOT play (popular example is a copy of Metal Combat: Falcon's Revenge that was hacked to have a Super FX chip when it actually used the OBC-1 chip).

Should you encounter the Red text, it's advisable to find a tool (such as NSRT) and fix the ROM that way. You may also be able to correct under/overdumps (result of the yellow text) using NSRT as well. In addition, NSRT can also fix the interleaved ROMs, as we no longer support these.

When possible, you should be using games that give a white text and soft-patching your ROMs.

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