xsne9x - snes9x for XBox, Snes9x for PSP, support, and you..

A list of FAQs for Snes9x itself. Failure to read the FAQs may result in being chewed out by the forum regulars.
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xsne9x - snes9x for XBox, Snes9x for PSP, support, and you..

Post by adventure_of_link » Mon Mar 07, 2011 1:25 am

These are all the known ports of Snes9X to other consoles/handhelds/etc as of 2011/08/26. They are all supported and welcomed on the official Snes9X site.

**If you know of anyone who is currently working on a port of Snes9X, or if you have some interest in making a port, please have them go to the Snes9X forums (this web site) and have them register an account there. After that, speak to Ryan and/or Jerremy so you can be let into the devs area and the git so you can have access to the most current code, collaborate with the other developers, make the port officialized, etc.**

Ports and how to get them running are as follows:

*PSP Version of Snes9X*
Name: Snes9X Euphoria
Latest version: R5 Beta
Homepage/forum: http://code.google.com/p/snes9x-euphoria/
Maintainer: Open due to Zack discontinuing this port; he has made the source code available. If you are interested in taking over the project or starting a new port from scratch, let Ryan and/or Jerremy know ASAP.

*DISCLAIMER* You will have to do some Googling, including but not limited to:
* Downgrading/upgrading your firmware
* Checking if your PSP-2000 series can use Pandora's Battery
* Checking if your PSP and firmware version can use DaveeFTW's and/or some1's Downgrader
* Creating Pandora's Battery (as needed)
* Finding the hacks, HENs, CFWs, etc and how to use/install them

1. Make sure your PSP is hackable in some way. This means:
* All PSP-1000 series and certain PSP-2000 series can use Pandora Battery; this would be considered fully hackable.
* PSP-2000 series that can't use Pandora Battery, just about all PSP-3000 series, and PSP Gos are hackable via other means (DaveeFTW's and/or some1's Downgrader, etc); this would be considered partially hackable.

2. Make sure your PSP firmware version has an available custom firmware or HEN; you'll have to upgrade/downgrade the firmware as necessary. (Hint: I personally prefer 5.50 GEN-D3 if your PSP can use Pandora Battery; latest version of 6.20 or 6.35 PRO CFW if your PSP can't use Pandora Battery (if you can't downgrade past 6.35, then you should be able to use 6.39 and/or 6.60 PRO).)

3. When that's done, be sure to put the Snes9X Euphoria folder in /PSP/GAME on your PSP's memory stick (PSP-1000/2000/3000 series) or internal memory (PSP Go). Be sure to copy the ROMs into the roms folder, saves (*.srm, etc) into the saves folder, and cheats into the cheats folder.

NOTE: While Zack said he is officially discontinuing the PSP port of Snes9X, I'm leaving these helpful steps up as they will assist you in running other programs on the PSP, even Snes9X Euphoria.

*Wii/Gamecube version of Snes9X*
Name: Snes9X GX
Latest Version: 4.2.8
Homepage/forum: http://code.google.com/p/snes9x-gx
Maintainer: Tantric

*DISCLAIMER* You will have to do some Googling, including but not limited to:
* Finding and installing the latest versions of: Homebrew Channel, Snes9X GX Channel (optional), and/or IOS58 installer (also optional; this is to make the Snes9X GX channel work)
* Finding a modchip for your GameCube and installing it

Wii: You will need the latest Homebrew Channel installed on your Wii. After that, copy and paste the apps folder onto the root of your SD card; same goes for the snes9xgx folder. After that, copy over any ROMs you have to the \snes9xgx\roms folder, save files (*.srm, etc) to the \snes9xgx\saves folder, and cheats to the \snes9xgx\cheats folder.

In addition, there appears to be a channel for Snes9X GX; you will need the Homebrew Channel installed and you MUST be on System Menu 4.3 so you can be on IOS58 (or use the IOS58 installer). After that, you should be able to run the installer from the Homebrew Channel, and you'll be good to go!

Gamecube: You might need a modchip.

*Android and iOS (Apple iPhone/iPod Touch) version of Snes9X*
Name: Snes9X EX
Latest Version: 1.5.2 (iOS); 1.5.7 (Android)
Homepage/forum: http://www.explusalpha.com/home/snes9x-ex
Maintainer: Rakashazi (on the Snes9X forums)

*DISCLAIMER* You will have to do some Googling, including but not limited to:
* iOS (iPhone/iPod Touch) ONLY!!!: Jailbreaking your firmware

Android: Due to the Android Marketplace unfairly taking down Snes9X EX, you will have to visit Rakashazi's website and download the apk either using your PC (you'll have to connect the Android to your computer, mount the SD card, then copy the apk over) or your Android, then run package installer (or easy installer is fine too) on your Android to install the app.

NOTE: In addition to Snes9X EX, there's a version called Snes9X EX+. It is based off the latest codebase (v1.53). Because of this and all the hack removals, emulation improvements, etc in this version, you'll need an Android device spec'd about the same as an Evo 3D or Galaxy S2/S3 or better for it to run right. (In other words, ideally your device should be able to run Ice Cream Sandwich or better in order to run this properly.)

iOS: You'll have to jailbreak your firmware and install the Cydia app installer. Then you'll have to install the BigBoss repository within Cydia and search for Snes9X EX; you may also want to search for the sshd and all needed stuff for that, as it's the only way you can put the ROMs, saves, etc onto your iPhone/iPod Touch. After that you should be able to download and run from there :)

Hint: a more detailed description of copying your ROMs/saves/etc over to the iOS device can be found here.

*PS3 version of Snes9X*
Name: Snes9X PS3
Latest Version: 4.4.9
Homepage/forum: https://code.google.com/p/snes9x-ps3/ (although for some reason, you may have to Google for the latest version)
Maintainer: Squarepusher

*DISCLAIMER* You will have to do some Googling, including but not limited to:
* Finding a HEN/Jailbreaker/CFW/etc onto your PS3 and installing it
* (if necessary) Downgrading/Upgrading your PS3's firmware

You'll have to install a HEN/Jailbreaker/CFW/etc on your PS3 (you might have to upgrade or downgrade your PS3's firmware as needed). After that, it should be as simple as copy the emulator, ROMs, saves, and cheats over to the PS3 and it should work :)

*X-Box Version of Snes9X*
Name: Snes9xbox
Latest Version: V2 (V3 should be out soon)
Homepage/forum: http://forums.xbox-scene.com/index.php?showforum=96

*DISCLAIMER* You will need to do some Googling, including but not limited to:
* Finding a softmod (hack) or a modchip and installing/using it
* Finding a replacement dashboard such as XBMC

Really, it's not hard. Read the readme, and use a softmod or modchip and a replacement dashboard. After that's installed, it should be as simple as copying over the emulator, ROMs, saves, etc to the X-Box and it should work.

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