In-game Save Files - Can't see them?? (Android)
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Author:  Eucalyptus9 [ Mon Nov 27, 2017 7:17 pm ]
Post subject:  In-game Save Files - Can't see them?? (Android)

Hey all,

Let me start by saying I'm very computer savvy, and so find this quite infuriating. I've read tons of posts already on permissions issues with Android SNES9x EX+, but that doesn't appear to help me either.

I have a Galaxy S6 and have downloaded Snes9x EX+. I believe version 1.53. I have downloaded several ROM's, and can successfully play them and enjoy them. I can use the Autosave state, and it appears to load them just fine. HOWEVER, due to an unfortunate autosave state issue, I overwrote my state for a game I had spent several days on, at the title screen. Meaning when I load the save state now, it just loads the game from the start menu. So I lost everything. Fine, no big deal, I'll start over. But this time I want to use the in-game save so I don't have this problem.

I've started the game, went to an Inn (the game is 7th Saga), and rested, which should theoretically save my game. I check in my folder where the game is (currently it's where the game was downloaded), and I can see the .0A.frz file, as well as a .00.frz file, which is the ingame save supposedly. the .0A refers to the auto save state I believe. However, when trying to load game, I can only ever see the .srm file for the load game, and when I load that it asks me if I either want to Restart Game, or load Auto-save state. I don't want the auto save state. And I don't want to Restart. If I click Restart the in-game save states are all blank.

I know there are permissions issues, and I've tried putting the save files somewhere else on my phone, using Custom Path saves, or even random places. Half the time when I go to Load Game I get a permissions error and it can't load the folders, and sometimes I also get into a folder that I believe isn't on my SD Card, but the folder is blank, even though I know there are .srm and .frz files in it looking in my File Manager.

How on earth do I use the in-game save with Snes9x EX+?? Where specifically can I save in-game files. The suggested /storage/emulated/0 folder has permission issues, I can't load game from there.

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