Game Controller Troubleshooting

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Game Controller Troubleshooting

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this issue is reported quite a bit... here's some basic steps on how to troubleshoot your game controller:

1. Be sure all drivers are installed (though for the most part, game controllers should use basic Windows/Linux drivers unless it's a <insert random console/handheld controller conversion here> gamepad).

2. Open the game controllers app in the Windows Control Panel (in Windows 7 you'll have to find it in the devices menu and right-click the controller). Be sure the controller detects and all buttons/d-pads/sticks function as they should. In Linux, you'll have to find where your gamepad is functioning (usually off of /dev/js0 or /dev/input/js0) and in a terminal window type cat /dev/js0 or cat /dev/input/js0. Press the buttons, and a bunch of garbage output should show.

3. Be sure the controller works in another USB plug and/or on another computer.

4. Be sure the controller works in other games and emulators.

5. Be sure you have the latest version of Direct X installed.

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