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the poll is located here

Funkyass, 18-8-2003 1:23:00

Snes9x Development poll
This is a poll concerning the usage of FMOD and Glide, take it and help determine the future of snes9x

Funkyass, 18-8-2003 1:15:00

Mac Version
you can get the mac version of 1.41-1
now, due to an ISP being bitchy for one of hosts. its Geocities account, so don't hammer it too hard.

Funkyass, 15-8-2003 19:08:00

Download snes9x here:

Funkyass, 13-8-2003 19:11:00

1.41-1 Released
This fixed the bug that prevented some games from working. get it from the following:

Funkyass, 12-8-2003 23:19:00

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